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How do I get this upgrade?
You can acquire an Simple Audio Reloaded upgrade license via this website.
How much does a license cost per device?

An upgrade licence for Roomplayer+ devices costs €79 per device. If you purchase 3 to 5 upgrade licenses within 30 days, a 10% discount is applicable on the total amount. Instead, if 6 six licenses are purchased within 45 days, the 6th license is provided for free.

For older generation Roomplayer I/II devices a lite version of the upgrade exists, Simple Audio Reloaded Lite. This upgrade includes Squeezebox (without the server) and Airplay and costs €49 per upgrade license. Discounts are not applicable for the Lite upgrade.

How can I pay for the license?
A license can be paid for via Paypal or bank transfer.
I want it! How do I proceed?
You can send an email to with the serial number or mac address of the Simple Audio device you would like to upgrade and the preferred payment method. You'll receive the details needed for the transfer. Once the payment has been received, you'll be notified and you can install the package. Go to 'Download Installer' on the left to download the Simple Audio Reloaded installer and for some instruction.
How do I install Simple Audio Reloaded?
A licensed Simple Audio device can easily be upgraded with this software (see 'Get Upgrade' for info on licensing). This installer applications which you can download below will search your network for Simple Audio devices and allow you to install the software with the click of a button. Any additional settings can be changed via the Simple Audio Reloaded webinterface. You'll get a link to the Simple Audio Reloaded configuration webinterface once the installation is done.
Simple Audio Reloaded installer for Windows

Download installer for Windows*

*) make sure you don't block this application in your firewall. Otherwise it can't listen for Simple Audio devices on your network!

Simple Audio Reloaded installer for Apple MacOS

Download installer for Apple MacOS*

*) if you can't execute the application because it's from an unidentified developer, please open while holding 'ctrl' pressed. This allows you to override this message.

Upgrade procedure:

1 - Download the installer for your system (Windows or Apple)
2 - Press 'Scan' to scan your network for unmodified Simple Audio devices
3 - Select the device you want to upgrade from the list
4 - Click 'Verify' to check everything is ok
5 - Press 'Install' and just wait till it says it's finished*
6 - Press 'Reboot' to reboot the system, a link is provided to the Simple Audio Reloaded webinterface

*) The application might freeze for some period during installation, that's normal.

Simple Audio Reloaded terms of use