Why upgrade my Simple Audio device?
The original software of Simple Audio is basically rendered useless. Since the manufacturer has abandoned the product, apps can not be downloaded anymore, not for iOS, not for desktop. Especially for iOS this is a problem since the app can no longer be installed on new devices. On top of that, cover art is gone too.
What does Simple Audio Reloaded do?
Simple Audio Reloaded adds a series of functions and applications on top of the original Simple Audio software. This includes but is not limited to Squeezebox (including server), Airplay, DLNA and Roon. In addition, it adds a configuration interface to set it all up to your liking. For a complete list of included software check the 'About' page.
Where can Simple Audio Reloaded play music from?
Simple Audio Reloaded can play music stored from your network but also files stored on a USB drive attached to the player. Music services are supported via Squeezebox. At the moment that includes among others Deezer and Tidal
Does Simple Audio Reloaded erase the old software?
Simple Audio Reloaded does not erase your software. It simply adds functionality. You could install the package and decide to keep running the original software
Where can I get Simple Audio Reloaded?
You can get Simple Audio Reloaded via this website. See 'Get Upgrade' for more information.